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About Us

The Sell from Love Community is a group of ambitious, change-making, heart-centric leaders, business owners, and professionals who are devoted to earning more money with integrity, expanding their reach and making a bigger impact.

This community will help you learn how to sell with confidence, magnetically attract clients and build a business you love.

We're building a better way to sell, work, and live - together.

Why You Should Join Us

The Sell from Love Community will help you stay anchored and connected as you continue learning how to Sell From Love. 

Each month you'll get:

1) Live Coaching Hour with Finka

2) Interactive Practice Guide based on the Sell From Love methodology

3) Get into Alignment Monthly Meditations

Plus connect to a network of people just like you, seeking to make change in the world, without compromising who you are, who you're selling to or what you are selling.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining the Sell From Love Community!  

I look forward to supporting you on your journey where together, we will build a better way to sell, work and live.

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